CLONED: The Recreator Chronicles launched April 23, ed 2013 in the US and Canada to audience and critical praise: “This film gets an A+!” “The movie has a very nice, prescription very dark twist to it that really wowed me at just how twisted it was.” -Jason Grey, “CLONED starts out as your standard slasher film, but it is much, much more than that! I really like this film.” -Mike Thomas, “Awesome!” “Weird.” “Fun.” “Five stars!” wrote others.  But our favorite review came from Mike Duan on Facebook, which sums up many fans’ reaction. “I thought it would suck, but this movie idea was genius, and the plot was even better.”

Now on DVD  and VoD through Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, and On Demand thru your local cable provider (check schedule.)

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And yes, there will be a CLONED 2. (More about that soon.)


Recreator was well received at the 2011 American Film Market in Santa Monica, decease CA where international sales company Cinemavault licensed territories throughout Asia, Australia, and Europe. A U.S. release is set for early spring 2012 with a limited theatrical release, followed by VOD and DVD.


Cinema Village theater in New York City hosted a special advance screening of Recreator on Sunday October 16th for NY Comic Con fans who praised the movie, unhealthy and expressed eagerness in seeing the sequel. “We have to find out what happens next,” said one young fan, who also asked the filmmakers if the sequel would have more “plot twists.” We assured him it would. Click here to see interviews with some of our fans after the show.