Meet the deadly duplicates of CLONED. Stronger. Faster. Better.

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Three teenagers stumble upon a secret laboratory and encounter superior clones of themselves in writer/director Gregory Orr’s science fiction thriller CLONED (aka Recreator.)

Duplicates. Doubles. Recreations. Call them what you will, they are exact copies of Craig, Tracy and Derek, three friends on a camping trip who accidentally trigger a deadly experiment left by a mysterious scientist with a passion for cloning.

Trapped by their captors, the teenagers are no match for their physically stronger, faster, better selves. Their only hope is to outwit them and to escape with their lives before they are replaced.

CLONED is a teen-orientated suspense film with roots in science fiction realism and psychological terror. The inaugural chapter of The Recreator Chronicles series merges the anxiety and paranoia of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, with the popular appeal of the Twilight series.

CLONED stars Stella Maeve (Golden Boy, Gossip Girl & The Runaways), Alexander Nifong (Glee & Pretty Little Liars,) and Jamal Mallory-McCree. With John de Lancie (Star Trek: TNG & Breaking Bad) as Dr. Frank Miller and Laura Moss as Mrs. Miller. With Curzon Dobell.